First international flight from Lodz to Munich was launched. It was operated by the EAE.
The Instrument Landing System was installed.
The regular flight connection Łódź-Warsaw was restored for a short time, then those flights were stopped and then brought back on the 7th of May, 2001.
Lodz Lublinek Airport gained status of the international airport. The new Terminal 1 was built at the Gen. S. Maczka Street., moreover the runway, taxi way, apron, navigation lighting system and energy supply system underwent significant reconstruction.
The Airport Fire Brigade was set up.
First modernization works were launched and the airport restored the so called: small passenger’s operations.
During his III Apostolic Visit in Poland, John Paul II celebrated the solemn Mass on the airport’s apron.
early 60's
Regular flights were cancelled, since then at Lodz Lublinek Airport only sport and private operations took place.
between 1945-58
Lodz Lublinek Airport has already become an important hub of air traffic. Airport offered regular flights to Wrocław, Warsaw, Cracow and Gdansk. Passenger flights represented 20% of all domestic operations.
during the II Word War
Airport was being developed for military purposes, the new runway was 1200m long.