New rules for air travel in Poland


Polish Civil Aviation Authority updated the rules for air travel. They are concerning airports, airlines and passengers in Poland. New recommendations were introduced yesterday.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Authority updated the safety rules for air travel.

Main changes include:

  • Everyone can enter the terminal building at the airport. Till now only passengers were allowed inside.
  • Apart from Passenger Location Form ever passenger has to fill the COVID-19 Declaration Form
  • It is no longer obligatory to keep social distance on the plane

The novelty is the COVID-19 Declaration Form obligatory for passengers. It was introduced for further protection of public health in connection with COVID-19. The form should be included on the back of the Passenger Location Card. The air carrier should be responsible for the distribution and collection of Location Cards and the COVID-19 Declaration Forms.

Other rules regarding air travel in Poland are still in force. Passengers are required to cover mouth and nose while inside the terminal buildings at the airport. There are temperature checkpoints at entrances and everyone is asked to disinfect hands. Social distancing is still valid at airports.



New rules in Polish

Passenger Location Card

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