Lockdown in England

From November 5, 2020, a complete lockdown begins in England, which will last until December 2. The government orders you to stay at home and go out only is necessary: to work,  for basic purchases, etc.

❎ It will be forbidden to travel outside England except for essential travels like business trips. Pubs, restaurants, hotels and other accommodation facilities will be closed.

❎ Due to the lockdown, #Ryanair changes # connections throughout Europe and also in Poland. If you are planning to travel to the UK in the second half of November, please check the flight schedule carefully. During the lockdown, the number of connections between Poland and England will be very limited.
❎ Ryanair is suspending flights from Łódź to London Stansted and to Nottingham / East Midlands. Airplanes between Lodz and Great Britain will not fly from November 17 to December 1.
❎ The last flight to London Stansted is scheduled for November 15th and the last flight to Nottingham / East Midlands on November 16th.
❎ Flights to London Stansted will resume on December 2 and Nottingham / East Midlands on December 4.
❎ As previously reported, due to #covid19, Ryanair suspended the connection from Łódź to Dublin between November 12 and December 13.
The current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic is so dynamic and unpredictable that the introduction of further administrative decisions by both the British and Irish and Polish governments may affect the carrier's timetable and further corrections. Please follow the flight schedule directly on the Ryanair website.
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