From Łódź to Italy


From Lodz Airport, passengers will be able to fly to Italy. Connections to Forli near Bologna and Rimini, and to Trapani in Sicily will start at the beginning of June. Regular connections are opened by the Lumiwings airline.

Bologna-Forli Airport is located in the Emilia Romagna region, 70 km from Bologna, 57 km from Rimini and 30 km from Ravenna. Venice, Milan and Florence are also nearby. It is a good starting point for sightseeing, but also for relaxing in the resorts along the Adriatic coast. Trapani is located on the picturesque west coast of Sicily about 100 km from Palermo. Passengers will be able to fly to these two destinations from Łódź from June 1, 2021.

Flights are scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Lumiwings will fly from Łódź to Trapani with a stopover in Forli. There, passengers destined for mainland Italy will drop off, and tourists going to Sicily will fly on. Stops in Forli, we can relax on the Adriatic coast and visit cities such as Ravenna or Rimini, but we can also get to Venice, San Marino and Tuscany. For fans of Formula 1 racing, this is the perfect place to visit the famous Imola circuit. If you are a fan of William Shakespeare, you can travel to Romeo and Juliet's city - Verona.

We have been working on the preparation of the flight offer to Italy for over a year. We are glad that today we can offer you two destinations - one to central Italy, and the other one to Sicily. The inhabitants of our region often travel to Italy not only for tourists, but also in business, to visit families, and for study. Many Italians also live in Łódź. Here they started their families. Now, together with the Lumiwings airline, we are allowing you to fly to sunny Italy and we invite you to take advantage of the flights." says Anna Midera, President of Łódź Airport.

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