New life for the LCJ old terminal

The old terminal at Lodz Airport has gained new life. Terminal 1 became a new place for Bartolini Air Pilot School. It’s the largest pilot school in central Europe and the first airline which has its base in Lodz. This week, future pilots of Ryanair begin their training in the renovated venue.

The oldest terminal at Lodz airport was built in 1950, as a ground-floor building. In the '80s. was added the floor where was located hotel Dedal. In the mid-90s. the Lodz Airport was admitted to international traffic. After that, the building of the terminal was modernized.

In 2012, after the main terminal was put into operation, the management and employees moved out of the old building. Till today, in the old terminal were only the LCJ cargo office and a General Aviation pilots room. Lodz Airport management was seeking a solution how to reduce the cost of maintenance, which reached 500 thousand PLN per year. Together, with Bartolini Air, they found a new function for the facility, and allow to breathe new life into it.

Till now, the Bartolini Air school was located at Pilska street. Two years ago they decided to rent an old terminal from Lodz Airport. Bartolini Air renovated it and moved the training classes there. Students from all over the world take theoretical lessons in 4 new lecture rooms. Every single room has its own famous aviation person name: Jan Zumbach, Amalia Earhard, Charlesa Lindbergh and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The process of renovation is still ongoing. In place of the old Departure Hall, will be developed hall with reception, on the first floor will be located headquarter and rooms where young pilots will prepare for practical flights.

At the airside, there will be room for GA pilots. In the old terminal will be reactivated border crossing point for the General Aviation movement.

Bartłomiej Walas, vice president of Bartolini air: "This is a milestone for Bartolini Air.  In these difficult times of pandemic, we have shown, that together with Lodz Airport we can build more than many other airports have done at the same time. People who remember the old terminal knows that at this place where we are now, there was a restaurant. After the Easter holidays, the renovation of the first floor will be completed and the whole administration will move here.

Anna Midera PhD, president of the Lodz airport: "The whole Lodz aviation family will be now in one place - on Generała Stanisława Maczka street - the LCJ passenger terminal, the Bartolini Air school, and the Lodz Aeroclub. We can get young pilots students and senior aviation admirers all in one place. Bartolini Air students will be newly trained staff for the largest low-cost airline Ryanair. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, there is still a demand for pilots. Pilots trainings are ongoing all the time. We're excited, that the largest aviation school in Poland is our partner and decided to be our neighbor. We are really proud that many airline pilots put their first steps in aviation in Lodz.

The Bartolini Air was founded by Bartłomiej Walas and Adam Stawczyk in 2006. First, they trained tourist pilots. A few years later, they decided to train professional pilots too. The great opinion caused that students from all over the world have come to Lodz. After graduation, many of them were employed in airlines such as WizzAir, Ryanair, Lot.

In 2019, Bartolini Air and Ryanair signed a cooperation agreement. „Ryanair/Bartolini Air Mentored Pilot Training Programme” is the declaration that Bartolini Air will train 300 pilots for Ryanair.

In 2018, Bartolini Air Group has added to their offer air taxi services. It was a good step, especially now, when we have the pandemic situation and the regular air routes were reduce. Air Taxi services have a very high demand. - says Bartłomiej Walas

The interesting fact: Lodz airport handles approx. 800 private flights per year.

In Bartolini Air's fleet are16 aircraft: 2 Cessna Citation Jet, 4 Tecnam P2006T,
6 Tecnam P2008JC, 2 Tecnam P2002JF, 1 Tecnam P2010 and 1 CAP 10C.