Aviation industry calls to Prime Minister


The aviation industry appeals to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to jointly prepare for lifting the lockdown and rebuilding Polish aviation. Representatives of airlines and airports are demanding that after resuming flights, all seats in the aircraft can be taken, and not just 50 % as stated in the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 29th May 2020.

"With such an approach that the economic bill would match, the prices of air tickets should double. This, in turn, means that ordinary people and employees of companies affected by the recession will not be able to afford to fly planes, "write the signatories of the letter. They point out that air in an airplane is safer than in other modes of transport. The fleet of carriers operating at Polish airports is equipped with high-performance particulate filters or HEPA filters, which means that the air cleanliness is comparable to that in operating rooms in hospitals.

In addition, the airlines, in the interests of passengers and with the need to launch connections as soon as possible, have already implemented a number of additional procedures to help maintain physical distance when boarding and maintain cleanliness in the aircraft. The new rules are easy to follow and ensure the best possible sanitary conditions.

Newly implemented procedures at airports for passengers are also important. They are perfectly prepared to function in a new situation. The rules and requirements applied at Polish airports are definitely more restrictive than anywhere else in a closed public space. Representatives of the aviation industry also warned that distancing passengers is a blow to the entire Polish aviation market. Such regulations will destroy the Polish industry, at the same time strengthening the competition from foreign airports located close to the Polish border.

The open letter was signed by the heads of Wizz AirKLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Buzz, Enter AirBartolini Air, Board of Airline Representatives in Poland (BARIP) bringing together 27 airlines operating in Poland, for example, Emirates Air, Finnair, SAS, Polish Chamber of TourismRainbow, Nowa Itaka, Nekera and airports: Warsaw/Modlin Airport, Gdansk AirportWrocław AirportLublin Airport LUZOlsztyn-Mazury AirportBydgoszcz AirportLodz Airport.

Open letter to Prime Minister