Flights are back at Lodz Airport

A Ryanair plane from Dublin landed today at Lodz Airport. This is the first aircraft and first passengers after a coronavirus pandemic break. The Airport Fire Brigade greeted the plane with a water salute.

The last passenger plane before the pandemic landed in Lodz on 14th March 2020. It flew from London Stansted. It took 109 days for the next international flight to land at Lodz Airport. 179 passengers arrived from Dublin on the first plane, and 115 passengers departed to Ireland.

On 1st July, Ryanair resumed 40 % of flights in Poland and Europe. At Lodz Airport, the carrier restored all three directions - to London Stansted (three times a week - Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays), Dublin (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and East Midlands (Mondays and Fridays).

"We are happy to restore flights in Lodz after almost four months. Our schedule from Łódź for summer 2020 will have three directions. We are convinced that transporting thousands of passengers will stimulate the economy in the region and help save many local jobs. On the occasion of the return of flights, we are introducing tickets for travel from Poland in July and August from PLN 69. Reservations at promotional prices can only be made on the Ryanair website until Monday, July 6. To make it on time, it's best to go to right now, ”said Olga Pawlonka, Ryanair's Sales and Marketing Director in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The first flight to London Stansted will take place on Saturday, 4th July, and to East Midlands - on Friday, 3rd July. A new regular route to Varna and a new airline Voyage Air will debut on 7th July at Lodz Airport. Flights to Bulgaria are scheduled once a week - on Tuesdays at 8.20. A regular holiday connection will allow the inhabitants of Lodz and the region to rest in one of the seaside resorts near Varna, e.g. in Golden Sands.

A sanitary regime applies to both the airport and planes - wearing face masks or visors, take temperature measurements and maintain social distance. The airport was audited by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority, which stated that it was well prepared to accept passengers in accordance with the new rules. Dr Anna Midera, CEO at Lodz Airport: "We encourage everyone to fly from the Lodz Airport. Passengers, following the rules of the sanitary regime, have no reason to worry. It has not been proven that any case of coronavirus infection was caused in the aircraft. The fleet of carriers operating at Polish airports is equipped with high-performance HEPA filters. The air in the cabin is completely changed every three minutes. Filters work all the time to keep the air cleaner than in most office buildings. They are similar to those used in operating theatres. A known immunologist and infection expert dr Paweł Grzesiowski stated that travelling by plane is the safest mean of transport after car, and much safer than train or bus. "