Send us your order

You can send your orders to the following e-mail address: 

We kindly ask you to include the freight service order:

  1. in the subject of the message:
  • for the name of the exporter
  • by the anticipated quantities of units and kg
  • If you already have a booking from an airline, please
  • include also the AWB number
  1. we will ask as much information as possible about the shipment you already have in your message:
  • the name of the driver delivering the goods
  • about the registration number of the car
  • the expected delivery date to LCJ
  • destination
  • expected date of departure from LCJ
  • the type of goods and packaging envisaged (this information will help us to assess the feasibility and duration of the screening)
  • by the dimensions envisaged

After the goods enter LCJ, you will receive an entry notification with an added shipment ID number, please continue your correspondence by replying to the previous @ so that the assigned ID number is always in the subject of the message.

If you did not have the bookings or AWB number when you avowed the consignment to LCJ, please add it to the subject of the message as soon as you receive it from the airline or GSA agent, but no later than when you send us the @ letter from AWB or its drafts for transcription.

Reception times for unloading cars: 08:15-11:30, 14:00-17:00 and 23:00 to 04:00.

Access to the airport is facilitated by GPS coordinates, the main car park is in position:

51°43′38.974″ N 19°24′16.448″ E.


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