Passenger zone


Lodz Airport is preparing for coming back of passenger fights and took considerable steps in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. After the end of the suspension of flights, there will be changes in Lodz Airport functioning. We prepared most important principles of the new sanitary regime based on actual recommendations stated in European Health Safety Protocol and prepared by Polish Aviation Authority:

Sanitary Protection Measures at Lodz Airport

  • Prior to entering the terminal, every passenger shall have their temperature measured.  Persons with Coronavirus infection symptoms (e.g. elevated body temperature – 38  C and more), shall be asked to undergo an additional medical examination
  • Everyone is obliged to wear protective face masks or face shields for the entire duration of stay at the terminal. Personal protective equipment (or PPE) vending machine will be available in Terminal.
  • Fluid dispensers, with handwashing instructions attached, have been placed in visible points throughout the Terminal.
  • All airport premises (contact surfaces) will be routinely disinfected. Additional disposal units for used PPE are marked and available throughout the Terminal area. In case of emergency, Lodz Airport is prepared to undertake the aircraft disinfection process.
  • Passengers are advised to keep at least 1.5m away from each other within the Terminal area. Vertical and horizontal signs are in place to remind passengers of the safe distance advice.
  • To ensure the safety of our staff members protective screens at check-in, ticketing, passport control, gate and information counters were provided
  • To limit the direct contact, online check-in (mobile boarding card) is highly recommended.
  • Wearing a face mask on board of the aircraft is obligatory. Each passenger shall comply with the regulations specified by the airline they travel with.
  • Arriving passengers are advised to leave the Terminal as soon as possible to minimise the possibility of transmission.