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Rhodes (RHO)

The Greek island of Rhodes (also Rhodos or Rodos) is one of the Mediterranean's most popular resorts and a perennial holiday favourite for any lifestyle!

By far the largest island of the Dodecanese, also known as the "Island of the Sun God Helios", Rhodes island combines a variety of characteristics that make it unique as a travel destination.

The island reveals itself to the eyes of the visitor as a magnificent explosion of colors and activities that combine a mix of interesting sights and relaxation, unique nature, learning and entertainment.

Tourism on Rhodes has a long tradition. Ever since the Italians replaced the Turks as the dominant power in the south-eastern Aegean in 1912, and after the island was returned to Greece in 1947, Rhodes has been gradually turned into an attractive tourist destination by continuous investments in tourism infrastructure, making the island one of the most highly organized travel destinations in Greece.

Its beautiful beaches, its state-of-the-art buildings and hotels, its picturesque districts, its medieval buildings, its archaeological sites and its rich history contribute to its reputation as one of the most interesting and attractive urban centers of the Mediterranean region.

Rhodes has been blessed with many, wonderful, long stretches of beach. The island boasts long beaches developed for tourism, but you can also find many small sandy coves, almost hidden. Whether you are looking for watersports, family friendly beaches, quiet spots or lively beach bars you will not be dissapointed.